Power BI by Construction BI

Power BI by Construction BI

With the Construction BI integration you can:

Enable enterprise-grade reporting and analytics with fully interactive visuals and drill-downs

Provide over 50 company-level dashboards and reports

Allow data exploration, data sharing, and customizable dashboards and reports

Integration Summary

The app enables your Procore data to be integrated with Microsoft Power BI. It comes with a Power BI content pack that includes over 50 dashboards and reports based on standard Procore data sets such as project, user, vendor, insurance, prime contracts, draw requests, schedules, meetings, checklists, observations, submittals, punch items, daily logs, and more.

About Construction BI

Construction BI was created out of a desire to provide Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to construction firms to help maximize technology investments, improve competitiveness, and differentiate services. Leveraging decades of experience in helping organizations evaluate technology, build roadmaps, and implement technology solutions, we are experts at making sense of data by turning it into meaningful and actionable information that will guide your business.

Construction BI believes the success of your organization lives within your data. We specialize in in making data meaningful and actionable to help guide your business. With the proliferation of cloud-based applications, data often reside in numerous locations. As a Microsoft certified Power BI partner, we are ready to take your company to the next level in data-driven decision making.

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