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With Planyard you can:

Open Planyard directly within your Procore account.

Follow your project budget in real time. Track costs on a line-item level.

Collect monthly reports & invoices from subcontractors. No more errors.

Integration Summary

It's time to ditch spreadsheets and legacy software. With Planyard you'll always stay on top of your project's budget, so, you can concentrate on building instead of admin work. Planyard's main features: - real-time profitability forecasts, - subcontractor billing, - contract and change order management, - pay application review workflows, - email and accounting software integrations.

How it works

The Planyard integration for Procore provides existing Procore users an easy way to access the Planyard platform. It does so by letting the users sign up and sign in with just one click.

The Embedded experience allows you to access Planyard directly inside of your Procore account.

Integration Requirements
  • For the integration to work correctly, you first need a Planyard account. You can sign up at
  • You will be billed per-usage for the projects that you create. The pricing is available at

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About Planyard

Planyard is an established solution-based platform, focused on construction financials software.

Our team ranges from construction specialists, professional on-boarders, and highly skilled software developers.

You will enjoy a smooth and comprehensive onboarding program to get you running quickly. You will have access to a highly responsive support team contactable over phone or email, and self-service guides for the lifetime of your subscription.

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