With the Plans4Less integration you can:

Plans4Less will increase your workflow allowing you and your team to submit more bids on time

We solve the problem of manually ordering/picking up plans at a local big box store like Staples

Procore users can access Plans4Less’ services directly from their Procore accounts

Integration Summary

=>Plans4Less is a seamless software platform for Procore users to order and ship large format hard copy plans anywhere in the U.S.

=>Plans4Less will increase your workflow allowing you and your team to submit more bids on time or earlier

=>Plans4Less will solve the problem of manually ordering and picking up plans at a local printer or big box store like Staples.

=>Our integration means that Procore users can access Plans4Less’ services directly from their Procore accounts.

How it works

A Procore GC or Subcontractor can now order large format hard copy plans with just a click of the mouse without leaving his/her Procore account. The Procore user would simply add Plans4Less into their respective project directory thus giving Plans4Less and the user access to the current project files. The Procore user then selects the specific files that they would like printed and simply sends us a link. Plans4Less will accurately and quickly print the requested plans, ship them to the office, job site, or to any other location in the U.S. and then Plans4Less will send a tracking number for the delivery.

Our easy to use software will increase workflow as we are a touchless platform for ordering and delivery of hard copy plans. Ease of use increases the speed of ordering. Fast turnaround gets the plans in your hands for executing your bids on time!

Integration Requirements
  • Integration with the Plans4Less platform is Free
Required Procore Tools
  • Directory
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General Information
How it works

About Plans4Less

A few short years ago, reprographics expert and business owner Brian Burke conceived an idea that has become, at least rhetorically, a “no brainer” choice for getting construction documents printed. His idea led to the founding of in 2015. In less than two years, Mr. Burke has proven that leveraging both technology and a strategically located national network of reprographics partners provides a more valuable printing service to the construction industry.

Plans4Less is the market-leader in large format hard copy reprographics to be shipped anywhere in the U.S. as soon as the next day. Our software platform is fast, easy to use, seamless and reliable.

Scott Sanders, Senior Project Manager for D. E. Harvey, a large Houston-based General Contractor with such iconic clients as Allstate, Baylor University, and Dell, said, “We found value and savings by integrating bid management software with’s capabilities. We order plans from Plans4Less from the Construction Management Software we are currently using. We use their national network of print partners and we appreciate their no-surprises, fixed-rate pricing. Plans4Less and their integration in a number of Construction Management Software Platforms, literally, helps us keep everyone on the same page.”

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