Benefits of Plans4Less:

Save time, General Contractors and sub-contractors can order printed plans from right inside Procore.

All plan orders printed the same day and delivered the following day. We ship directly to your office or jobsite.

Everyone on the project team can take advantage of Plans4Less fixed rate and our national network of Plans4Less locations.

Integration Summary

The integration with Procore makes it easy for all Procore users to order printed plans. When it needs to be on paper, it needs to be Plans4Less. When a GC or Subcontractor would like print sets of plans on a project. They would add Plans4Less into their project directory. That way we both have access to the current files. They can then select the files they would like printed and send us a link. We will print the requested plans and ship to their office, jobsite or sent to another address. Plans4Less will send a tracking number for the package and will send an invoice.

Integration Requirements
  • None
Required Procore Tools
  • None
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About Plans4Less

A few short years ago, reprographics expert and business owner Brian Burke conceived an idea that has become, at least rhetorically, a “no brainer” choice for getting construction documents printed. His idea led to the founding of in 2015. In less than two years, Mr. Burke has proven that leveraging both technology and a strategically located national network of reprographics partners provides a more valuable printing service to the construction industry. has earned a reputation as the pioneer in the world of faster, affordable construction-related reprographics. We provide black and white & color large format plans at a fixed rate. We do not charge processing or monthly service fees, nor do we require minimum quantity orders. We print and ship daily – anywhere in the U.S. -- direct to your office or construction jobsite. Primary clients are builders, architects, contractors/subs and others in construction-related fields.

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