Data Connection

With the PipelineSuite® integration you can:

Push project information from PipelineSuite® into Procore, no need to create projects in Procore.

Push subcontractors from PipelineSuite® into Procore, no need to reenter them in Procore.

Push plans, specs, and docs from PipelineSuite® into Procore so you don’t have to re-upload them.

Integration Summary

PipelineSuite Bid Management Software streamlines your pre-construction bidding process so you can perform all your bidding functions in a fraction of the time. We also make it easy for your invited subs to access your projects, respond to bid requests, download plans and specs without having to sign up or create an account. And now PipelineSuite users can push project and subcontractor info into Procore to avoid entering data twice.

Integration Requirements
  • Requires PipelineSuite® account
Required Procore Tools
  • None
Helpful Links

Procore Support Article

About pipelineSuite

Launched in 2002, PipelineSuite Bid Management software streamlines pre-construction bid management for general contractors so that they can focus more on the important things that will win them more bids. Send bid invitations, track coverage, send addendum notices, provide drawings and specs for subcontractors to download, automate the subcontractor qualification process and allow subcontractors to view project information and respond without requiring that they sign-up for an account.

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