PEX Connector

With the PEX Connector integration you can:

Access real-time expense purchase data in Procore

Empower cardholders to assign cost codes and attach receipts to budget line items

Easily manage connector options online

Integration Summary

By using PEX in conjunction with Procore, you can manage your project budget through a real-time view into spending. Streamline your expense process with the automatic sharing of data.

How it works

The PEX Connector creates PEX Tags so your cardholders can use their smartphone to properly assign the Project, Cost Code and Cost Type at the time of the purchase. They can also take a picture of receipts which are automatically attached to your Direct Costs expense items.

Integration Requirements
  • Must have an active PEX Pro account (Admin access)
  • Must create and grant access via Procore service accounts

Required Procore Tools
  • Direct Costs

Helpful Links

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About PEX

Founded in 2006, PEX is a financial technology company. Our integrated corporate card and spend management solution allows you to provide your workforce with prepaid cards to manage/track their spending through a simple-to-use web interface and mobile app. It empowers you to authorize purchases, create spend rules/limitations, and receive real-time visibility into direct costs expense line items. In addition, the mobile app enables cardholders to track their balance, submit receipts, make notes and assign cost codes to each purchase.

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