Pantera Tools

With a Pantera Tools integration you can:

Create a Project instantly in Procore based on a Pantera Project

Easily Synchronize Project Documents including drawings and specifications from Pantera to Procore

Use your Pantera Customized bid management platform and customizable bid management reports while utilizing your Procore Project Management system

Integration Summary

The Procore Integration allows for the seamless integration between Pantera’s award-winning bid management system and Procore’s project management tools, creating a simple, yet highly sophisticated cloud-based system. This integration gives users and subcontractors everything needed to provide all the documents, correspondence, and reports to stay ahead of the competition. In addition, with ProQual by Pantera Subcontractor Qualifications, General Contractors users now have a subcontractor qualification option, giving users increased knowledge when evaluating subcontractor bids.

Integration Requirements
  • Pantera’s Lite Tier
Required Procore Tools
  • None
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About Pantera

Formed in 1999 by the founders of Plan Express, Pantera’s goal was to take the traditional “print and distribute” model combined with the world’s first online plan ordering system.

Pantera quickly realized the success of subcontractor bid response was being hindered due to subcontractors’ inundation from 3rd party provider invites. Pantera’s solution – the Integrated Plan Room/ITB. This invention makes all GC and sub interaction direct - enhancing the GC’s brand recognition and dramatically increasing subcontractor bid response rates.

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