Data Connection | Embedded

With the OxBlue integration you can:

Access job site imagery and data in one central location

Track progress imagery against schedule to benchmark critical milestones dates

Efficiently manage project with immediate access to entire time-lapse image catalog

Integration Summary

OxBlue’s integration with Procore makes it easy to track critical milestone dates, monitor project progress, and stay in budget by comparing development imagery against the schedule. View and organize all photos, specs, drawings, and documents in one project-specific folder, eliminating the need to navigate between multiple applications due to a central, easy-to-use location that stores all your data.

How it works

Data Connector - imports imagery from OxBlue into Procore Photos tool.

Embedded - Configure each app instance with a specified open link. Providing an optional cameraID will open the interface directly to the camera.

Integration Requirements
  • OxBlue Account
Required Procore Tools
  • Photos
Helpful Links

Access Procore and OxBlue How to Guide
Procore Support Article

About OxBlue

OxBlue, the pioneer of construction camera technology, assists project owners, contractors, and developers by bringing their job sites into focus. OxBlue’s award-winning service and wireless and solar-powered camera systems have been used on over 20,000 projects, in 50 states throughout the US and in more than 36 countries. The camera technology empowers clients to make informed, real-time decisions from anywhere and at any time, and the time-lapse photography elevates project marketing by making job sites sharable content. Most importantly, every OxBlue employee is dedicated to making the client’s success the number one priority.

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