Oracle PeopleSoft by Calance

Oracle PeopleSoft by Calance

With your Oracle PeopleSoft integration you can:

Ensure data quality while reducing cost

Insulate from Impacts of Application Upgrades

Increase Flexibility and Scalability

Maintain accurate and secure financial data in Procore

Integration Summary

Our PeopleSoft integration ensures that project costs are in sync between the two systems. At the foundational level, we sync Projects and Vendors and have a robust mapping of Chartfields and Cost Codes. At the project level, we tie together all project dollars including budgets, commitments, and actuals to ensure accurate forecasting. We know that when it comes to PeopleSoft, one size does not fit all, and Dimension is easily configured and customized to meet your specific business processes.

Integration Requirements
  • Procore (Admin Access)
  • Oracle PeopleSoft Account

Product Lines Required
  • Construction Financials

Helpful Links

Procore Support Article

About Calance

Calance has been a leader in PeopleSoft integration since 2005, tying PeopleSoft data to project control using our Dimension integration platform. We deliver a straightforward yet complete project cost integration which ensures accurate forecasting. Dimension's scalability and flexibility allow it to handle the largest volumes and even the most complex business processes.

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