Data Connection

With the OpenSpace integration you can:

Generate an interactive Google Streetview of your jobsite with zero labor, as easily as using a Fitbit

Compare and contrast 360 images side-by-side using our split screen

Export your data directly into Procore and use it to build reports, observations, etc.

Integration Summary

Conducting a virtual jobsite walk and notice something off? Took a note in the field while doing a capture and want to log an observation in Procore? Take all of your automatically localized progress photo documentation, and send it over to Procore's photo library.

With our Procore integration, you can automatically export 360 images from OpenSpace to Procore. Once the photos are in Procore, you can use them to build observations, clarify RFIs or add it to your punch-list.

What is OpenSpace

OpenSpace is the fastest, easiest way to visually document your jobsite. You strap on a 360 camera when you want to capture the job, for example during a routine inspection or walk, and just hit "go" on our app. No stopping required - it just works.

We have fully automated progress photos, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. We've reversed $100K in COs, cut travel costs, and kept owner-GC relationships happy. We're also building advanced reporting features on top of this data.

Integration Requirements
  • Free with paid subscription to OpenSpace

Required Procore Tools
  • Inspections
  • Observations
  • Photos
  • RFIs
  • Specifications

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OpenSpace is the technology leader in progress photo documentation. Stick an off-the-shelf 360 camera on your hard hat and go - just that simple. Our advanced (and patent-pending!) AI transforms the raw video data into a complete, easy-to-navigate Google Streetview style map of your site, with no effort on your part. We do this through some patented R&D from robotics and self-driving car tech, but you don’t have to worry about all that - it just works. We work with many of ENR’s Top 25 Contractors as well as smaller, leaner builders.

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