Onware Sync

Data Connection

With the Onware Sync integration you can:

Process your RFI automatically between Procore & Onware and notify others when input is needed

Send Submittal documents from Procore to Onware to complete reviews

Regularly pulls data to keep everything in sync

Integration Summary

Onware Sync is a cloud-based platform that will integrate different construction management software applications such as Onware and Procore. It acts as a messenger and gathers information from one system’s database then inputs it to the next.

How it works

This product synchronizes your data from one application to another via a cloud-based system. Onware Sync is set to run automatically in the background to collect and process information from one system and inputs it to the next system of choice.

Once Onware Sync is onboard, your workflows will be connected to one another. The system will regularly pull data to keep everything in sync for you. Use Onware Sync to communicate between systems. By integrating your systems, you can improve productivity and focus on more important aspects of your project.

Integration Requirements
  • Access to Onware Account
  • Integration and Set-up Fee
Required Procore Tools
  • RFIs
  • Submittals
Helpful Links

Onware website
Procore Support Article

About Onware

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Onware was originally created by Onware Software Corporation in 2002. Onware Software Corporation was a spin-off of the University of Alberta’s Software Engineering Research Lab. Over the years, Onware has gone through two major technology shifts, and continues to refine, expand, and innovate. Today, the software is on its ninth major release.

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