NYFTY.AI - Little Robot Helpers (Embedded)


With the NYFTY.AI embedded experience you can:

Attendance Bot is a super simple Site Register that links to Health Survey Bot

Health Survey Bot conducts and responds to Daily Health Checks / Wellness Checks

Manpower Bot completes you Manpower Log for you, by talking to your staff or subcontractors

Inspections Bot ensures Inspections get done on time, or pretty soon after

Integration Summary

We make little robot helpers - software bots that do tasks for you. Our Bots':

- Check people into your job site with QR codes and (SMS)
- Conduct and respond to Health Surveys over text message / SMS (i.e. COVID Prescreening)
- Complete Inspections over text message / SMS
- Collect Manpower Logs over text message
- Broadcast site wide announcements over text message / SMS
- Send Reminders for Forms and Inspections over text message / SMS
- Collect Notes & Photos over text message

How it works

1) Trigger
Bots always have a trigger, whether its a schedule, a manual trigger like scanning into a job site, a due date on an inspection, or even another Nyfty Bot.

2) Conversation
The bots then initiate conversations with your Subs or Staff over text message (SMS) to get the data or update you need.

3) Action
The bots then complete the task by saving the data to your chosen system and escalate any issues to you.

Attendance Bot - Is you site Concierge, checking who is onsite.
Health Survey Bot - Conducts and responds to Health / Wellness Checks
Manpower Bot - Completes the Manpower section in the Daily Log
Daily Inspections Bot - Completes Inspections over text message
Hazard & Injury Bot - Unsafe Acts / Conditions reported anonymously
Directory Bot - Onboard users into the Project Directory for approval
Reminders Bot - Ensure Forms and Inspection get done
Broadcast Bot - Quickly relays site-wide announcements
Notes/Photos Bot - Ensure Notes are collected for the Daily Log.

Integration Requirements
  • Procore Account
  • Web Browser
  • Free Trial
Required Procore Tools
  • Directory
  • Daily Log
  • Forms
  • Inspections
  • Specifications
Helpful Links

Nyfty.ai Website
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Procore Support Article

About Nyfty.ai

Nyfty.ai is creating revolutionary AI based automation bots for construction. Natural Language Understanding is transforming the way we interact with technology, and AI now has the power to not just mobilise data, but actually comprehend and take action.

Based in San Francisco and Australia.

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