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NYFTY.AI - Little Robot Helpers

NYFTY.AI - Little Robot Helpers

With the NYFTY.AI integration you can:

Manpower Bot completes you Manpower Log for you, by talking to your staff or subcontractors

Notes & Photos Bot ensures Notes and Photos are logged everyday, by talking to your teams

Approve in Procore - All subcontractor logs are saved 'Pending Approval' in Procore

Integration Summary

We make little robot helpers - software bots that do tasks for you.

Our first Automation Bot collects Manpower Logs from Subcontractors or Staff using SMS. It can talk to people, and so figure out the log from the conversation it has with them.

We've also just released our 2nd Bot that collects Notes & Photos from Staff or Subcontractors.

How it works

1) Monitor
The bots monitor your system (i.e. Procore) to ensure compliance and take action to get information or updates.

2) Chat
The bots then initiate conversations with your subcontractors or staff to get the data or update you need.

3) Complete
The bots then complete the task by saving the data to your chosen system and escalate any issues to you.

Manpower Bot
Let Nyfty Bot complete your Manpower Logs in Procore. It contacts sub-contractors or staff via SMS to get it from them every day ready for Approval in Procore.

Notes/Photo Bot
Let Nyfty Bot collect Notes and Photos for your Daily Log. It contacts staff or subcontractors to collect Notes or Photos if not already done. It then saves them to Procore.

Integration Requirements
  • Procore Account
  • Web Browser
  • Free Trial
Required Procore Tools
  • Daily Log
  • Inspections
  • Submittals
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About is creating revolutionary AI based automation bots for construction.

Natural Language Understanding is transforming the way we interact with technology, and AI now has the power to not just mobilise data, but actually comprehend and take action. Based in San Francisco and Australia.

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