With NextPort you can:

NextPort helps you provide real-time construction updates to your customers and partners

Digital solutions for the next generation of homebuyers that improve customer experience

Increase productivity by modernizing and automating your construction schedules & updates

Integration Summary

NextPort is a platform that enables builders and developers to share real-time construction updates with their clients. Our innovative app improves user experience by keeping owners updated about the most relevant construction progress of their project. By giving owners visibility of what construction tasks are in progress, what has been completed, and what is next in the schedule, your team can stay focused on what you do best - building high-quality projects.

How it works

NextPort is a bolt-on tool to existing Procore service accounts. As a technology partner, we provide an innovative and customer-friendly way to deliver project updates to an owner’s smart device via push notification without creating more work for you as a builder. We simplify construction updates by automating them based on Procore tasks you are already updating, and we help builders deliver outstanding customer service. Our user-friendly app helps Procore customers share real-time construction updates, project files, photos on each construction task, schedule meetings, and obtain feedback from their clients. Implementation takes a few minutes. Simply, link your Procore account, and send an invite to a customer. Your customers will receive an invite to download an app and after they register they will be able to get instant real-time updates on their project - is that easy.

Integration Requirements
  • Service Account client id and client secret code

Required Procore Tools
  • Schedule
  • Photos
  • Documents
  • Tasks
  • Home
  • Directory
  • Admin

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About NextPort Technologies

At NextPort, we want to solve one of the biggest problems in the construction industry. Lack of communication between home builders and their clients.

Project owners need to know on a regular basis about the status
of their projects. However, sometimes the construction process could be stressful and frustrating, especially when owners are left in the dark due to having limited access to construction updates – We Intend
to Change That.

We help builders elevate their customer service levels by providing them with a branded mobile app that can simplify complex construction schedules and keep their information-hungry clients in the loop.

By building thoughtful solutions for home builders, we help construction professionals stay more productive and give them digital tools to WOW their clients.

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