MYOB with OneCore

Integrate Procore with MYOB

With the MYOB with OneCore integration you can:

Avoid needless duplication of effort and manual processes

Minimise the chances of human error by automating data flows

Greater cohesion between your Site and Office by communicating reliable data, faster

Integration Summary

OneCore is a two-way connector that syncs data between your Construction Financials and MYOB. The connector works by mapping your Cost Codes in Procore with your Account Lists in MYOB, allowing for a seamless workflow.

Whether you’re looking to push out an Invoice on a Progress Claim, manage retentions via Liability or Asset Accounts in MYOB, or keep your Project Managers updated on Direct Costs in the field, OneCore will bridge the gap between the job site and your accounting team.

OneCore has the ability to sync timesheets and timecard entries from Procore to MYOB, while applying charge out rates using our Labour Tracking Module. OneCore is the complete integration that will streamline your day to day operations.

How it works

Requests outbound from Procore to MYOB

    1. The app subscribes to Procore webhook events and stores the event payload in a queue for processing.
    2. The processing service will categorise and process each event based on its type.
    3. The webhook payload is used to make a Procore API call to retrieve the required data.
    4. If the retrieved Procore object satisfies certain rules (eg. approved states for progress claims), processing occurs.
    5. A MYOB request is created based on the Procore object retrieved and mappings performed by the customer during the onboarding process.

Requests inbound to Procore from MYOB

    1. MYOB record changes (service invoices, service bills and contacts) are retrieved on an hourly schedule (by default), although users will have the option of logging into OneCore to kick off a sync.
    2. MYOB record changes are processed through the app to ensure business rule conditions are satisfied.
    3. A Procore API request is generated using the details of the MYOB request and any mappings performed by the customer during the onboarding process.
Integration Requirements
  • MYOB Account Rights with data file in Cloud (Standard Access)
  • Paid Integration. Contact us for price.
  • Procore Service Account

Required Procore Tools
  • Commitments
  • Direct Costs
  • Head Contract
  • TimeSheets
  • TimeCard

Helpful Links

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