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With the myComply integration you can:

Import projects and contacts from Procore to myComply to eliminate double entry of information in both platforms

Sync projects and contacts so that new projects in Procore automatically populate in myComply

Invite subcontractors to use myComply as a free tool to manage employee training certifications and easily submit them to you for verification on job sites

Integration Summary

myComply is a free tool used by contractors to store and manage employee training certifications and easily share them to verify workers are compliant on job sites. The My Companies tab is a free training manager that securely stores employee training, which is only accessible by a company administrator. General contractors use the My Worksites tab to verify compliance on all projects. Start by inviting subcontractors to manage employee training on myComply, then set document requirements for subcontractors and training certification requirements for their employees, and easily receive all information in one consistent format. Subcontractors then use the My Worksites tab to easily share the information requested by their general contractor.

Integration Requirements:
  • myComply is always free for all users
Helpful Links:

Procore Support Article

About myComply

We are a software company built in partnership with contractors in industry. We view the problem of verifying employee training on job sites as one that must be solved for the safety of all workers on all job sites. We believe safety should come at no cost and a simple standard for tracking and verifying worker training will go a long way to improving site safety for workers across the globe. myComply is a network connecting companies and their employees to allow simple and efficient management and verification of worker training.

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