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With the myCOI integration you can:

On average, customers see a 30% cost savings from their process using an accounting software

A 30%-40% increase in compliance (even when they thought they were at 80%+ before hiring us)

And uncover subs that cancelled policies and never notified you (did you know that was a risk?)

Integration Summary

Whether you are looking for a software solution or a beginning-to-end program supported by a team of insurance professionals, myCOI will streamline your process. When a commitment is submitted, myCOI goes to work to collect the COI’s, resolve compliance matters, and track renewals. Gain unmatched efficiencies and compliance with every step driven by software with insurance expertise built-in. Benefit from centralized compliance with project staff alerts and integration to your accounting software.

Required Procore Tools
  • Commitments
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About myCOI

What you loathe, we love! We are a team of insurance professionals in Indianapolis that are dedicated to protecting our customers from underinsured claims and litigation. We provide industry-leading technology with insurance expertise built-in and couple that with a team of insurance professionals that love to protect you. We specialize in construction and real estate, and work with national contractors, as well as single-state contractors. If you track 100–10,000 certificates a year, we have a solution for you!

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