Access Multivista within Procore.

With Multivista you can:

Access Multivista without ever leaving Procore - When you install the Multivista APP

Supported Workflows - Schedule Updates & Verification, Field Coordination, Issue Resolution and more

Continue to leverage the existing Multivista integration to create and update Procore records

Integration Summary

Multivista has developed one of the most powerful Project Management integrations available. You can access Multivista from right inside of Procore. Also, while reviewing your Multivista content you can create or update (9) different Project Mgmt & Financial documents including RFIs, Daily logs, Observations, Change Events, Meeting Minutes and more. Attach your Multivista photos with floorplan location to your records and communicate actual field condition(s). Mobile & Desktop Available.

How it works

2-for-1: Multivista Integration & Multivista Embedded APP

Please refer to the helpful links below which will provide access to very short videos showing you how to activate & learn about your Multivista Integration.

#1: The Multivista Embedded App allows you to work in Multivista without ever leaving Procore. The App can be added to your Procore Project (instructions below) and then you can access Multivista right inside of Procore.

#2: The Multivista integration allows you to create and update Procore records and this work is done while navigating within your Multivista Project Website. With the addition of the new Multivista Embedded App you can access and leverage your Multivista Project documentation without leaving Procore. You will need to activate this integration from within Multivista. Please see the helpful links below to learn how to activate and use your Multivista integration.

Multivista Embedded App: How to add to your project:
Add & install the Multivista Embedded App to your Procore project to leverage Multivista without leaving Procore. Simply log into Procore, select the APP drop down in the top right of your Procore screen, Explore the App Marketplace and select the Multivista App. This will add Multivista to your App drop down and allow you to access and use Multivista from right inside of Procore. Plus you can still use the Multivista integration to create and update your Procore documents using Multivista's imagery as solid back up showing true field conditions. Every image always shows the precise the floorplan location.

Integration Requirements
  • Have a Multivista login. More benefit is always derived from more Multivista users so please don't hesitate to ask for a login.
  • Be working on, or have worked on a project where Multivista has been hired to develop a photographic based as-built, provide a webcam, capture aerial photos or provide 3D laser scanning.

Required Procore Tools
  • Home

Helpful Links

About Multivista

Multivista is the world's leading service experts in visual documentation. Our always-local construction documentation experts are on site in over 80 markets around the world. We develop comprehensive photographic based as-builts of your projects by capturing each critical milestone prior to cover up and progressively during the build process. All photographs are indexed directly to online floorplans for your use updating your schedule, coordinating field activities, resolving issues, and as backup to all your important documents such as RFIs, Change Events, Pay Apps, Daily Logs, Inspections, etc.

Our services don't stop at photographs though, we capture Aerial Imagery via UAVs (drones), install and host your Construction Webcams, provide 3D Measurable Images that are highly accurate, capture, chapterize and host your equipment training videos and much much more.

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