File Sync for MS Teams

With the MS Teams Document integration you can:

Save time and busywork from manually updating documents in 2 locations – MS Team and Procore

Keep project teams on the “same page” with one set of documents, streamlining communications and eliminating errors

Security and backups of Procore documents in your enterprise Office365 tenant will give you peace of mind

Integration Summary

With the Microsoft Teams Suite of Integration Services by HingePoint you can:

  • Securely sync Documents from MS Teams and Procore in real time.
  • Migrate your documents project documents from MS Teams to Procore for rapid onboarding.
  • Back up Procore Documents to MS Teams for safe keeping.
  • Leverages Office365 so it also works on Desktop, Browser, and Mobile documents.
  • Save Documents from Explorer, OneDrive, SharePoint or Teams and they will sync with Procore.
  • Login to only 1 place to save files either a) Procore or b) MS Team

You get Enterprise-grade services hosted by HingePoint including:

  • MS Teams Document API
  • Procore Document API
  • Security tokens that ensure user level security access
  • Logging service and queueing service that will process all requests even if server interruptions or error occurs
  • Meta data updating calls
How it works
  • Tell us how many projects in Procore need to be integrated to MS Teams
  • We will install the integration in Office365 and Procore for you
  • We will map 1 Procore project document module to 1 MS Teams Group or Channel file library
  • We activate and test the sync for you
  • Then you are Live!
  • Document Folders, Files and Meta Data will begin to be mirrored in real-time for the duration of the project
  • Archive a project and deactivate the integration so you can use the same license for the next project
Integration Requirements
  • Microsoft Teams License
  • Paid subscription to HingePoint's Teams Integration
Required Procore Tools
  • None
Helpful Links

Procore Support Article

About HingePoint

HingePoint is expert at software consulting, systems integration and developers for construction and real estate clients. We specialize in Procore, Microsoft, SharePoint, Office36, Azure, financial and ERP integrations such as with Sage, Yardi, Oracle, Nav, Ajera, and many others. We can integrate Procore APIs with your enterprise platforms.

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