MRI Integration by Calance

With the MRI integration you can:

Ensure data quality while reducing cost

Insulate from Impacts of Application Upgrades

Increase flexibility and scalability

Integration Summary

Calance's Integration Platform enables you to reliably establish automated, ongoing, near real-time, two-way integrations between MRI and Procore. The integration solutions are pre-built and enable tailored configuration to meet your specific business needs.

How it Works

Our MRI Software Integration ensures that jobs and job costs are in sync between Procore and MRI. At the foundation, we sync Jobs, Phases, Cost Codes, and Vendors. At the project level we tie together all project dollars for accurate forecasting in Procore. This includes Budgets, Commitments, and actual costs. Dimension can easily be configured to move data in the way that best fits your needs.

Integration Requirements
  • Procore (Admin Access)
  • MRI Account

Required Procore Tools
  • Budget
  • Commitments

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About Calance

Calance is global IT Services firm operating in the United States, Canada and India. Calance provides simple scalable integrations between Procore and Financial systems. Calance’s Integration eliminates the need for manual data entry, increases efficiency, and improves collaboration between departments.

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