MRI Connector for Portfolio Financials

MRI Integration to Portfolio Financials

With the integration for MRI Platform X®, you can:

Exchange information between MRI Platform X and Portfolio Financials

Reduce manual and duplicate data-entry and increase confidence in data integrity

Improve decision-making with access to the most up-to-date data available

Integration Summary

Exchange information between systems to provide your project team with access to data from a single source-of-truth.

Reduce manual and duplicate data-entry to increase confidence that data is free from unnecessary errors.

Improve decision-making with access to the most up-to-date data available. Streamline communication and information-sharing between your back-office and operational teams.

The integration for MRI Platform X® includes these features:

Link your projects to one (1) or multiple MRI Platform X® jobs, enabling access to all accounting codes listed in MRI.

Overwrite and lock-down project budgets using MRI Platform X® job total budgets, or leave budgets available for project teams to manage.

Choose between applying MRI Platform X® accounting codes to your construction project’s contracts, change orders, and invoices or, for jobs not using the job cost plugin, apply codes from your pre-populated list.

Sync contracts, change orders, and invoices into MRI Platform X® in real-time.

Receive nightly updates on actual spend related to your projects (Note: Updates occur around Midnight each night and cannot be rescheduled).

Ensure competitive pricing by inviting vendors to bid and validate bidders against the imported MRI Platform X® vendor list before syncing commitments into MRI Platform X®.

Prior to syncing to MRI Platform X®, manage approvals and coding reviews for contracts, bids, invoices, and change orders from the centralized ‘My Tasks’ page.

Compare contracts, change orders, and invoices in your project to the data in MRI Platform X® job. Add missing records using the relevant records in MRI Platform X®.

Integration Requirements
  • Required Software: MRI Platform X® (Version X.4.5.8 or higher)
  • Supported MRI Solutions: MRI SaaS Core, MRI SaaS Flex, MRI SaaS Prime, and On Premise
Required Procore Tools
  • Portfolio Financials
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