Morpheus Frameworks ERP Integration

With the Morpheus Frameworks ERP Integration you can:

Pre-build, enterprise-grade adapter, integrating Procore & Multiple ERPs

Easily and quickly configure existing and new business processes

Self Service, no coding, and an intuitive UI enables rapid changes

Integration Summary

Frameworks is a completely configurable integration environment which enforces all necessary business rules and logic, records the success or failure of each transaction, and creates a log of all transactions related to the integrated application(s). The integration(s) can be configured to run manually, by schedule, or even configured to look for specific data conditions.

Current ERP adaptors include Oracle (JDE, EBS & Peoplesoft), Trimble (Viewpoint Vista & Spectrum) and Sage; along with Cosential, Rhumbix and other construction software management solutions.

How it works

Frameworks is a process-based platform solution customized to adhere to company business rules and data requirements. User intervention is not required for a successful integration transaction. Transactions between systems occur based on defined data triggers that initiate the integration process. Users simply have to do their normal job and the integration completes without any unnecessary user interaction.

Integration Requirements
  • Valid Software Subscription
  • Windows Server 2012 or later with SQL Server Express (or dedicated SQL server if it already exists) - Server can be hosted (subscription will be higher)
  • Remote access to the server for software install and support
Required Procore Tools
  • Budget
  • Change Orders
  • Commitments
  • Direct Cost
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