Mobile Text Alerts

Data Connection

With the Mobile Text Alerts integration you can:

Send text messages to your entire directory using the online dashboard or mobile app.

Automatically group your directory based on company, project, and vendor. Filter users by location.

Instantly alert your directory of emergencies, events, and other important updates.

Integration Summary

Mobile Text Alerts helps companies reach their team faster and more effectively through mass text messaging.

Easily keep your team safe and informed through today's most responsive communication channel - text messaging. Users do not have to download an app or go through a setup process. Most people already have a phone and they already familiar with texting. Sync your Procore directory and send mass SMS messages.

Get a free 14-day trial today and send messages to your entire team in seconds.

How it works

- Sign up for a free trial
- Sync your Procore directory with a few clicks
- Done! You're ready to send messages

Mobile Text Alerts will automatically group your directory by company, project, and vendors. You can also filter your users by location. You can send messages to all or some of these groups at a time. This way you can ensure that the right people will receive the right messages.

Grant unlimited administrator access to your account. Administrators can download our mobile app to make sending messages even more accessible when they are on the go.

Send important messages to your team such as:

  • Scheduling changes
  • Project priorities for the day
  • Delays
  • Site closures
  • Material shortages
  • City or county inspections
  • Supply needs
  • Emergencies & accidents
  • Employee callouts

Receive responses (optional) and engage in 2-way conversations.

Other features include:

  • Scheduled messages
  • Message templates
  • Link tracking
  • Sent messages reports
  • Subscriber reports
  • Administrator access
  • Group segmentation
  • SMS surveys
  • Drip campaigns
  • MMS (picture messaging)
  • Phone call alerts
  • Live chat support
  • Help documentation

Integration Requirements
  • Try Mobile Text Alerts free for 14 days
Required Procore Tools
  • Directory
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About Mobile Text Alerts

Mobile Text Alerts helps businesses reach people faster and more efficiently through mass text messaging.

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