With the Miro integration you can:

Embed Miro boards directly into Procore

Collaborate with team members both on site and remote on information typically on the jobsite whiteboard

Use Miro boards to track and plan tasks for the project

Integration Summary

Project logistics are usually trapped inside the walls of the trailer both literally and figuratively. In order to ensure more transparency and collaboration with field, office and additional stakeholders the tracking of these schedules, delivery boards, inspection lists that typically live on a whiteboard in the trailer need to be digitized. By transitioning your team to leverage a digital collaborative whiteboard platform such as Miro it allows for all project stakeholders to create, update, and delete shared information on a digital whiteboard for all to see. This allows for better communication, planning, and tracking by all team members

Leveraging Miro embedded inside of Procore allows members to not only view but edit that information from anywhere, not just within the trailer. In addition, the collaborative nature of Miro allows for simultaneous editing by those not only in person but those remote as well.

How it works

Installing the Miro embedded app from the marketplace allows company administrators to set up multiple embedded Miro boards within a project. Each of these boards will be fully editable and allow for the use of the complete set of functions allowed on the Miro site. Teams can leverage the boards to share notes, perform advanced planning, track deliveries and inspections and a multitude of other activities typically performed on a standard whiteboard in the trailer without the limitations of having to be physically present or being limited to just the “writing on the wall”.

Integration Requirements
  • Miro Account (Free or Paid)
  • Procore Project Management
Required Procore Tools
  • Core Tools
Helpful Links

Procore Support Article

About Miro

Miro is the online collaborative whiteboard platform that enables distributed teams to work effectively together, from running brainstorming sessions and workshops to planning projects, from designing new products and services to facilitating agile ceremonies.

Miro was founded in 2011 and now has 300+ employees across 5 global hubs and 5 million+ users.

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