Mirai Networks ICS - Unifier

With the Mirai Networks ICS - Unifier integration you can:

Pre-configured RFI integration

Pre-configured Submittals integration

Configurable to any Business Process (Financial, Daily Tasks, etc), Document Management and Schedule

Integration Summary

Bi-directional integration between Procore and Unifier. The current interface is pre-configured for RFIs and Submittals but can be adjusted for any other Business Process (Financial, Daily Tasks, Vendors, etc.).

How it works

Mirai Networks Integrated Cloud Services (ICS) speeds up development time and lowers the cost for integrations by using reusable connectors between Procore and other Enterprise systems (Unifier, P6, Peoplesoft, BIM360, etc.) using integration methods like REST, SOAP, SFTP, etc. By using one code base and having standardized configuration/processes for all of our clients, we are able to improve support, maintenance and help future proof implementations by testing all hosted integrations whenever Enterprise systems are upgraded.

Integration Requirements
Required Procore Tools
  • RFI
  • Submittals
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About Mirai Networks

Mirai Networks strives to improve the implementation, support, and maintenance process of providing migration, integration, and data warehouse solutions for Enterprise Systems by creating reusable, cost-effective, supportable, future-proofed hosted services with a fanatical focus on Client Success.

Our team is made up of resources that average over 10 years architecting, implementing and supporting technical solutions for Enterprise Systems in the Cloud.

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