Microsoft Project Desktop Sync

The Microsoft Project Desktop Sync integration improves your workflow through:

Familiar MS Project Scheduling Synced in the Cloud

Real-Time On-Demand Syncing

Cloud Hosted Add-in Installation (No More Downloading, Exporting or Importing)

Integration Summary

Sync takes the work out of maintaining your construction schedule. By creating a cloud-based bi-directional sync between Microsoft Project Desktop and Procore we have eliminated the need to keep track of schedule versions. The real-time sync means that you no longer need to upload or download schedules. This is done without relying on any additional software, also removing the need for Procore Drive. Simply use the Microsoft Project Procore addon to seamlessly push or pull all of the schedule data to Procore. Changes made in Procore or in MS Project are immediately reflected in the corresponding system by simply clicking ‘Sync’.

How it works

Utilizing Procore's single sign-on authorization. We utilize the user's credentials and permissions to establish a streamlined data connection that allows users with any level of technical experience to easily sync their information.

Integration Requirements
  • Microsoft Project Desktop Application (2010 or newer)
  • Admin Access to Procore Project Schedule
  • Active Subscription for Cyberco Sync

Required Procore Tools
  • Schedule

Helpful Links

Cyberco Sync (Application Login)
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Procore Support Article

About Cyberco

Sync was developed by Cyberco, a technology company focused on advancing the archtechture and construction industries through automation. We concentrate on delivering value and efficiencies to each client through simple interfaces for all users. In this effort we have worked with many clients to build additional integrations and functionality around construction processes and workflows. We partner closely with Procore’s team to develop high quality customizations and functionality for companies and the overall real estate community.

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