Meetings with GoToMeeting

Data Connection

With the GoToMeeting integration you can:

Create GoToMeeting Meetings with one click from the Meetings tool and include it in the agenda

Join GoToMeeting Meetings with one click form Meeting Agendas on teh web, mobile, and email

Store web conferencing meeting details in meeting agendas

Integration Summary

Procore's meetings solution is leveraged for tracking critical tasks and ensuring alignment within the team. Many of these meetings happen in person; however, many of them need to include collaborators who are working in remote offices. Procore has enabled a seamless integration with GoToMeeting to ensure that all stakeholders can be connected, no matter where they are or what device they are using.

How it works

While in Procore’s meetings tool, users with the ability to edit and create meetings can now create GoToMeeting meetings for both one-off meetings and recurring meetings. A user will be presented with the option to login to GoToMeeting for the first time and moving forward there will be the option to “Make it a GoToMeeting” meeting. A GoToMeeting link will populate the Video Conferencing Link field and these links can be accessed via web, iOS, and Android as well as in any PDF agendas and emails sent to the meeting attendees. Using GoToMeeting for video conferencing allows your team to visually share documents, discuss important updates, and check-in regularly despite working from a different location or remotely.

Integration Requirements
  • GoToMeeting Account
  • Permission to install apps into your GoToMeeting Account
  • Procore Project Management Pro or Project Management Owners
Required Procore Tools
  • Meetings
Helpful Links

Procore Support Article
GoToMeeting Support

About GoToMeeting

A recognized market leader video conferencing, GoToMeeting is part of LogMeIn’s in Unified Communications and Collaboration portfolio that creates simpler, more intelligent ways for people to meet, connect, market, sell and train, to deepen relationships and drive better outcomes. In addition to GoToMeeting this includes award-winning products under the GoTo portfolio brand, such as GoToWebinar, GoToConnect, GoToRoom and Grasshopper.

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