Matterport Showcase


With the Matterport Showcase embedded experience you can:

View Matterport 3D models on your Procore project page by simply adding a URL generated by Showcase.

Now, you can access and walk through a digital twin a job site at any time while reviewing documents or submittals.

Integration Summary

With Matterport Showcase Procore integration, your field to office coordination just got a major boost. Now anyone on the project team can virtually step into the jobsite and walk around freely while accessing the project’s most updated documents or submittals. Quick and simple to use, Matterport Pro cameras - and compatible 360 cameras - capture spatial data and 2D photography from job sites, automatically stitching them into a complete, immersive 3D model. You can easily add it to your Procore project and allow anyone to view and walk through a digital twin of the job site!

How it works
  • Simply pair a compatible camera with a Matterport subscription plan and you’re one click away from publishing a 3D model of your jobsite.
  • Our powerful Capture app connects wirelessly to any Matterport compatible camera and makes it quick and easy to capture a space with just the push of a button. It seamlessly controls your camera and manages the 3D reconstruction process with industry-leading speed and accuracy.
  • After you complete your scan, our Cortex AI platform creates the 3D model in Matterport Cloud within hours. It automates complex tasks including 3D reconstruction, image processing and color correction, automatic generation of the most appealing photos and videos from within the digital twin, and creates accurate measurements and dimensions of entire spaces.
  • Once your 3D model is ready, simply add the URL generated by Showcase to your Procore project page. Now, you can view and walk through a digital twin of the job site at any time while reviewing documents or submittals.

  • Integration Requirements
    • Matterport Account
    • Matterport compatible camera or a Matterport 3D model generated by a scan service provider on your behalf
    Required Procore Tools
    • None
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    About Matterport

    Matterport’s all-in-one 3D data platform makes it easy to turn any space into an accurate and immersive digital twin. View 3D scans of your project in Procore to streamline workflow documentation, material estimation, and stakeholder collaboration.

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