Manpower by Sine

Live Manpower Log Update Tool

With the Manpower integration by Sine you can:

Map Subcontractors to ManPower in Procore - Capture the number of workers that is entered in the Sine Check In form to Manpower and configure the number of hours for the vendor

Map Site Visitors to the Visitor Log in Procore - Record the check-in/out time of the visit, customized description with data received from Sine

Integration Summary

Geofence your construction Site with Sine and push visitor and contractor attendance data to Procore in real-time and cover safety information in the same check-in flows. Save time, track productivity, and stay on budget.

When a person checks into Sine, Sine will map to Procore based on the Sine visitor type to Procore. Site Diary entries include:

  • Man hours register
  • Visitor Log
How it Works

Sine interacts with Procore by writing contractor information gathered on check-in and check-out to write into Manpower and Visitor Daily Logs.

Manpower entries are created once a contractor checks in and provides responses to tagged questions on a check-in form. These questions ask how many contractors are with the person, and how long they expect to be on site. With this information, Procore can calculate the total amount of man-hours allocated to the company representative. This will also fill in the Manpower entry with the representative's name, visitor type, company name and the site name.

Visitor logs are created once a visitor at site checks out from Sine. This will use the visitor name, visitor type, company name, check-in and check-out time to create an entry within Procore's Visitor logs.

Integration Requirements
  • Must hold a Sine | Workplace Software annual license

Required Procore Tools
  • Daily Log

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Our mission is to make it really easy for visitors, contractors and subbies to “check-in” using their smartphone, an iPad or the web, to the everyday sites they attend. We want to make your operations safer and save your visitors, contractors and your team time. Sine has been rolled out to 1000’s of companies worldwide and is used at locations such as schools, sports stadia, offices, industrial, medical, retail and commercial facilities.

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