Mail Manager

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With the Mail Manager integration you can:

File and search thousands of critical emails

Save emails to Procore document folders

Standardise email filing instantly across the business

Integration Summary

Mail Manager is a leading email management solution used by project-based businesses to solve their email headache overnight.​

Reasons clients enjoy working with us is:​​

- They address their email headache overnight​.
- Staff love using the software​.
- The add-in has been designed by people who work on projects, for people who work on projects.​
- They get much better access and visibility to project information, regardless of whether staff are in the office or working remotely​.

How it works

The Mail Manager Outlook add-in solution enables businesses to take control and manage their emails by ensuring all project emails are saved in their designated project email folder, with minimum effort. The unique benefit of the solution is its powerful search engine that can search through 2 million emails within 2 seconds.​

- Uploading of emails (.msg) from Outlook to Procore document folders e.g. in Procore documents​.
- Downloading of filed emails for searching and actioning​.
- Procore document folders called “Emails” (configurable) are automatically discovered by the client and offered as locations to file and search.

Integration Requirements
  • Mail Manager requires Outlook installed on a Windows machine, with an active and updated product subscription
  • Mail Manager requires Procore document folders
  • Mail Manager requires Contributor permission levels (Add, Edit and Read documents)
Required Procore Tools
  • Documents
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About Mail Manager

Over ten years ago, Arup had a problem. Email represented their biggest communication tool on projects, but it was exposing the business to an unnecessary level of risk, whilst also draining the productivity of Project teams.

So Arup thought, ‘what if we could find any email on any project without wasting time filing’?

Arup looked at solutions available, but everything was a sledgehammer to crack a nut (more than what we needed). Mail Manager was initially developed as an Outlook add-in for their own architects and engineers to take control of their email.

As and when staff left Arup, they wanted to take Mail Manager with them so Arup identified managing email better as critical for the whole industry.

Mail Manager is now used by business of all sizes across project-based industries.

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