Maestro*ERP Connector


With the Maestro*ERP Connector, you can:

Projects synchronised bi-directionally can be used to create SCs, POs, PCCOs and CCOs

Suppliers synchronised bi-directionally can be used to create SCs, POs, PCCOs and CCOs in Procore

Project costs managed in maestro*ERP can be sent to Procore

Integration Summary

Maestro Technologies has been a leading ERP system in Canada for over 30 years, offering solutions for process management, project planning, bidding, costing and accounting. With modules tailored to all verticals, we are dedicated to deploying relevant methods for your needs. The Maestro*ERP Connector allows users to synchronize project data and financials, fostering a symbiotic flow of information between our ERP and Procore.

How it works

The Maestro*ERP Connector streamlines data exchange between the two systems, removing the need for manual entry of vital project data, all while improving workflow processes for Maestro and Procore users. The tool allows projects, suppliers and project costs to be synchronized, allowing field workers and office employees to see up-to-date data for any ongoing construction projects.

Integration Requirements
  • Purchase and activation of a maestro*ERP standard or maestro*CLOUD licence including the installation of the Procore key into an operational maestro*ERP company
  • Proper configuration of the web server address for the IIS server
  • Proper configuration of maestro*ERP Security Management, providing access to the Configuration and Synchronisation options, as desired
Required Procore Tools
  • Direct Costs
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About Maestro Technologies

Established in 1989, Maestro Technologies is an innovative company entirely dedicated to the development and implementation of integrated solutions, perfectly adapted to the construction industry’s needs. Our product portfolio was designed to address the dynamic environment of all verticals. From accounting, project budgeting, to inventory, preventative maintenance and payroll management, the maestro*ERP software monitors all aspects of your projects – from start to finish, on a single platform.

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