With the LumiCon integration you can:

Track the status and duration of concrete monitoring jobs created using the LumiCon mobile app

View and download historical raw data from concrete monitoring jobs in CSV, XLSX, and JSON formats

Generate detailed PDF reports from LumiCon concrete sensor data.

Integration Summary

LumiCon is a full-stack IoT solution for continuous and real-time monitoring of concrete. The Lumicon product includes sensor hardware, connectivity, and a cloud-based platform to easily access data from anywhere at any time.

LumiCon eliminates the risks and costs associated with slow, unsafe, complicated, and costly construction projects by offering an advanced IoT solution for real-time monitoring of concrete.

How it works

The LumiCon web portal allows users to access concrete temperature profiles and concrete maturity and strength data in real-time. Users are able to view live and historical data and generate detailed PDF reports from projects that have been created in the LumiCon mobile application. Users are also able to access and download raw historical data in various formats (CSV, XLSX, and JSON).

Integration Requirements
  • Be a LumiCon user.
  • Have access to your login credentials (auth-code, username and password).
Required Procore Tools
  • Daily Log
  • Documents
  • Photos
Helpful Links

Company Website
Procore Support Article

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