Built - QuickBooks Online Bridge

Data Connection | Beta

With the Built QuickBooks Online Bridge integration you can:

Configure the QuickBooks Online Bridge to match your QuickBooks Online job costing preferences

Sync automatically between Procore Construction Financials and Invoicing Tools and QuickBooks Online

Manage your lien waiver and payment process without leaving Procore

Integration Summary

Sync data between Procore Construction Financials and QuickBooks Online with the Built QuickBooks Online Bridge. Invoices, payments, prime contracts, direct costs, projects, vendors and cost codes are kept in sync automatically between Procore and QuickBooks Online with our unmanaged sync. Optionally, use the Built QuickBooks Online Bridge with the Built Lien Waivers|Notice Tracking|ACH Payments integration to manage your lien waiver process without leaving Procore.

How it works

With our bi-directional sync, Procore and QuickBooks Online users can automatically sync:

Procore Subcontractor and Prime Contract Invoices → QuickBooks Online Vendor Bills and Customer Invoices
QuickBooks Online Bill Payments and Invoice Payments → Procore Commitment Payments Issued and Prime Contract Payments Received
QuickBooks Online Expenses → Procore Direct Costs
Procore Projects → QuickBooks Online Customers or Classes
Procore Vendors → QuickBooks Online Vendors
Procore Cost Codes → QuickBooks Online Items or Accounts

To get started, contact Built at support@getbuilt.com to learn how to connect your Procore and QuickBooks Online accounts.

Integration Requirements
  • The Built QuickBooks Online Bridge requires a Built Bridge subscription and QuickBooks Online account.
Required Procore Tools
  • Commitments
  • Direct Costs
  • Directory
  • Invoicing
  • Prime Contract
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