Leica Infinity

With the Leica Infinity integration you can:

Design Data - Import, visualize and extract relevant design features from many design formats

Data Processing - Process and Merge data from Leica TPS, GNSS, Level and UAV sensors

Services - Send and receive data from field sensors. Upload as-constructed information to Procore

Integration Summary

Connecting Leica Infinity to Procore allows connected parties to be up to date with project documentation / design data and communicate useful information easily.

How it works

Leica Infinity users can connect directly to Procore gaining access to related project files that were previously inaccessible. This allows Leica Captivate and iCON users to collaborate more effectively in the office by breaking down project work based on required measure/locate/verify tasks and to send data directly to field instruments using the Leica Exchange or ConX cloud services.

Integration Requirements
  • Leica Infinity Application
  • Leica Client License Manager
  • Leica Infinity Base License
Required Procore Tools
  • Documents
Helpful Links

Leica Infinity Training Material
Leica Infinity Website
Leica Infinity Youtube Playlist
Procore Support Article

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