Leica iCON Field

Connect your office to the field

With the Leica iCON Field integration you can:

Directly connect to Procore from within the Leica iCON Field Software

Download the most up to date and reliable design data directly from Procore

Upload as-laid and as-built information back to Procore for quick progress reporting

Integration Summary

Simplify data flow between Procore and Leica Geosystems Solution for Digital Construction. With a direct connection between Leica iCON Field software and Procore, the most up-to-date information can be communicated and documented between all project members. Field crews can connect to cloud storage directly on site, improving productivity both in the field & in the office. Project managers can track progress of mm-accurate as-built information for quick decision making based on true field data.

How it works

1. Authorise iCON Field to allow a connection to Procore documents.
2. When importing data choose the project & folder that you want to download from.
3. Download the latest design data directly into the Leica iCON Project to layout directly in the field.
4. To export as-laid & as-built data and reports choose the project & folder that you want to export to & upload.

Integration Requirements
  • An internet connection is required to connect between Leica iCON Field and Procore.
  • A licence is required to use the Procore functionality within Leica iCON.
  • Have standard permissions for Procore documents.
Required Procore Tools
  • Documents
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