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With the LaborChart integration you can:

Sync Procore projects automatically into your LaborChart account

Schedule your workforce and request more resources directly inside Procore

Pull in percentage of hours used for specific cost codes in the Procore field production report

Integration Summary

The LaborChart embedded app and integration allows you to sync projects from your Procore account into your LaborChart account as well as use several LaborChart views to communicate with and manage your workforce directly inside the Procore platform.

With the Procore + LaborChart integration, you can pull a production report to understand how much time and resources you’ve spent on a project—and how much you have left to spend.

How it works

The LaborChart integration pulls Procore projects into LaborChart to prevent duplicate entry and keep data up to date. This integration relies on a Procore Service Account for access.

Instructions for setting up the integration can be found here:
Procore - LaborChart Embedded App & Integration Setup

Integration Requirements
Required Procore Tools
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Helpful Links

LaborChart - Home
LaborChart - Sign Up
Integration Instructions
Procore Support Article

About LaborChart

LaborChart allows you to communicate with and organize your largest and most valuable company asset–your workforce–into one secure platform.

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