With the KTrack integration you can:

Process project specifications to create project specific digital turnover plan within KTrack

Link approved submittals to assets then process submittals for asset data

Capture, tag, associate and upload asset and location photos to catalog installs, nameplates, etc

Integration Summary

KTrack is an Integrated Project Delivery platform that enables project stakeholders to deliver complete and accurate digital turnover packages on time at a fraction of their current cost. Owner and contractors collaborate on one platform to plan for, assemble and deliver facility, asset and location data, and documentation.

How it works

KTrack combines the power of Procore’s Project Management product line with its Integrated Project Delivery tools to facilitate the collection, validation and delivery of facility, asset and location data and documentation at turnover.

Integration Requirements
  • KTrack Integrated Project Delivery subscription (no additional fee for the Procore integration)
  • Procore Service Account
Required Procore Tools
  • Admin
  • Directory
  • Drawings
  • Inspections
  • Photos
  • Specifications
  • Submittals
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About KTrack

KTrack is an information technology firm focused on enabling building owners and project stakeholders to define, collect, validate, and deliver project data and documentation as an integrated digital turnover package. KTrack’s web and mobile application provides a common data platform that streamlines digital turnover efforts, brings all stakeholders together in one place and provides proven workflows that ensure owner’s turnover requirements are complete, accurate, and delivered on time.

Contact Us

Email support@ktrack.com