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Knight Solutions is focused on providing professional Digital Construction Strategy services to our customers.

What does this mean?

In addition to being a Procore specialist with a decade of experience using the platform, we also take a wider view to ensure your entire digital ecosystem is aligned to your needs. With Procore as your central platform, we use a planned approach to identify complementary technologies and extract value from existing solutions to achieve your business objectives; delivery of successful projects. Whether you are new to Procore, have had Procore for a while or have never seen Procore before....we can guide you through the entire process.

Utilising technology is not just about selecting the best solution, rather understanding how these systems are connected together to align with your operation needs. Woven together with change management strategies we are able to get your team members focused on delivering projects.

Having spent 15 years working in construction, we are passionate about helping solve the industry’s needs. We take the time to get to know your business in detail and can operate from an advisory role right through to your technology leader.

Markets Served:

  • Clients (Owners)
  • Builders (General Contractors)
  • Subcontractors (Speciality Contractors)


  • APAC
  • Remote services offered anywhere in the world

Platform Products Supported:

  • Project Management
  • Quality & Safety
  • Project Financials
  • Invoice Management
  • Field Productivity
  • Equipment Management
  • Prequalification
  • Tender (Bidding) Management
  • Training Center


  • Procore Implementation
  • Procore Re-Implementation
  • Procore Optimisation
  • Procore Team Onboarding & Training
  • Procore Advanced Training
  • Procore Integrations
  • Procore Analytics and Dashboards
  • Procore Account Management
  • Product Selection
  • Procore Training Center Build Out
  • Custom Training Video Production
  • Change Management
  • Roll-out Management
  • Business Process Review
  • Data Conversion
  • Policy and Procedure Development
  • Custom Solutions

Certified Consultants:

Robert Hudman
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