iPlanTables benefits:

Ability to see the whole plan sheet on one screen legibly.

Extremely fast navigation of linked details, page navigation and mark-up tools.

Realistic views of project information in scalable imagery you can see it!

Integration Summary

Think of an iPlanTables workstation as the world’s largest tablet. Incorporating touchscreen navigation power with full-size keyboard advantages and you have a tablet, laptop, and desktop in one. Procore takes advantage of these tools through modern programming designed for touch tools.

Integration Requirements
  • None
Required Procore Tools
  • None
About iPlanTables

iPlanTables principles have over thirty years of construction information management experience. The following companies have used our team as paid consultants:

  • Oce
  • Xerox
  • Adobe
  • Bluebeam
  • Goldman Sachs
  • iSqFT
  • Boston Society of Architects
  • Canon
  • And dozens more.
Awarded the number one company in it’s field by its peers iPlanTables innovated the market for wide-format touchscreen workstations and is the nation’s number one supplier.

  • Expanded work area. Think about it, you don’t use a small desk, why would you use a small monitor? In so many cases your desk is simply a monitor holder.
  • Reverse the process, your iPlanTable is the desk, with side tables that allow you and your team to communi- cate instantly
  • Decisions that used to take days can now be handled in minutes.
  • Touchscreens improve the human experience, touch is natural and instinctive-and customers that use an iPlanTable provide feedback that it actually makes working with the documents enjoyable.
  • iPlanTables come with industry leading collaboration, mark-up and project management tools.
  • Project information retrieval happens in seconds, no more sorting through piles and piles of papers.

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