Field Productivity



With the Intelliwave integration you can:

Automatic project and vendor site setup enabling immediate tracking and controlling of all project materials.

Photos and log entries are automatically generated in Procore as you use SiteSense Web software, mobile software and sensors to manage project materials, equipment and workforce.

Tasks are created automatically in Procore when pick tickets need to be fulfilled or when material receipt adverse conditions are resolved.

Integration Summary

Intelliwave Technologies’ SiteSense® products are global award-winning Web and Mobile-based software solutions for identification and tracking of construction materials, equipment and workforce on all sizes of industrial, civil and buildings projects. When SiteSense® barcode, RFID, and GPS sensors are utilized with SiteSense® software solutions, enhanced item identification tracking automation delivers unprecedented visibility resulting in predictable construction schedules and costs.

About Intelliwave

Intelliwave Technologies formed in 2007 to provide new solutions in the construction industry with the overarching goal to increase “Time on Tools” for craft labor and improve site safety. To accomplish these goals Intelliwave focused on providing construction projects with automation and unparalleled visibility in 3 core areas: materials, equipment and workforce. The result was the creation of a revolutionary Web and Mobile-based software solution in one encompassing brand, SiteSense®. In order to create ever-improving solutions for the construction industry, Intelliwave team members take pride in their Core Values that the founders have held firm since the day Intelliwave was started: Amaze the Customer, Continuously Improve and Take Care of Each Other.

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