Data Connection

With innDex you can:

Seamlessly manage your site inductions and workers skills and training records, pushing key workforce information straight into the Procore directory

Use the range of site access control and mobile clock in options to keep your site secure and for real-time time and attendance management

Avoid double-entry and ensure transparency across projects by syncing timecard information from innDex to Procore

Integration Summary

We allow the workforce to induct (pre enrol) onto projects (including automated competency verification & right to work checks), then use access control systems from geofencing/geolocations to facial recognition readers to access site. Ensure the correct people are on site; time management from a commercial; fatigue management from a health and safety. The platform can be used to brief the workforce on RAMS, send real time site communications and anyone can raise any health and safety concerns.

How it works

Download the innDex app, create a profile, and induct onto your next project. Competencies are auto verified and once induction has been accepted, you can access the site. The app can be used for the blue-collar workers to send and receive real-time information and keep the whole project informed and connected.

Our seamless connection into Procore means all timecard information is fed between systems to avoid data being entered multiple times and ensures transparent information is used across project teams.

Integration Requirements
  • Project admin/owner will be required to subscribe to innDex
  • Project admin/owner will be required to create an innDex account

Required Procore Tools
  • Daily Log

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About innDex

Having many years of first-hand experience we understand the challenges project delivery can bring. innDex is end-to-end workforce management tool to automate many processes from site inductions to access control to fatigue management, allowing you to then get reliable data through real-time dashboards, which gives you an overview of everything and drives informed decision-making.

We become innovation partners with each and every one of our clients whilst offering unlimited access to each and every one of our tools. We are a fast-growing construction technology company offering a growing suite of integrated software and hardware solutions, simply put innDex is “Powerful ConTech made easy”.

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