Field Productivity

INDUS.AI Manpower Detection

INDUS.AI Manpower Detection

With the INDUS.AI Manpower Detection you can:

Improve site safety and mitigate risks

Automate and streamline daily log creation

Reduce administrative burden

Integration Summary

Our newest INDUS.AI integration with Procore automatically creates Manpower entries within the Daily Log of the Procore Project Management section as INDUS.AI observes site activity. As opposed to manually filling in Manpower information, this automatic population of data saves construction managers time and provides them visibility into site progress. This integration also helps improve schedule transparency and reduce administrative burden.

How it works

The INDUS.AI manpower integration for Procore automates the entries of data into the Manpower section of the Procore Daily Log. Information collected in the INDUS.AI system is pushed to the Procore database. This automated data entry empowers construction managers to allot time for the priority items throughout their day.

Fields populated include:
- Company
- Workers
- Hours
- Man Hours
- Location

Integration Requirements
Required Procore Tools
  • Daily Log
Helpful Links

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INDUS.AI is the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence solution for construction that enables real estate investors, owners, developers, and general contractors to have real-time visibility and actionable insights into all activities, productivity, and risks at their construction sites. INDUS.AI seeks to make construction sites and projects safer, more efficient and completely transparent. With offices in San Francisco and Toronto, INDUS.AI is providing construction insights to leading projects (83 million sq. ft.) across the U.S., Canada, Hong Kong, and Brazil.

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