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With the INDUS.AI embedded experience you can:

Automate Job Sites’ Health & Safety Monitoring: PPE Compliance, Safety Zones and Social Distancing

Track Progress & Performance Remotely: Automate Tracking Deliveries & Removals, Top-Floor Cycle Time

Gain Awareness: Multiple Live Video Streams, Production Time-lapse, Recordings, Intrusion Detection

Integration Summary

INDUS.AI provides an AI-powered construction site safety and performance monitoring solution. Enabling remote project management, remote inspections, enhanced project controls and documentation with videos, site safety and compliance, automated productivity and progress tracking.

How it works

INDUS.AI’s continually learning AI engine monitors and analyzes video streams from strategically placed site cameras. By leveraging the power of computer vision, data and just-in-time actionable insights are generated that empower construction professionals to mitigate cost, schedule and safety risks. Enabling remote monitoring of the production performance.

Integration Requirements
  • Subscription to INDUS.AI
Required Procore Tools
  • None
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INDUS.AI seeks to make construction sites and projects safer, more efficient and completely transparent. Empowering developers, contractors and all construction professionals to build with confidence and deliver on their project KPIs.

INDUS.AI automates the monitoring, tracking, analysis and reporting for a diverse range of construction activities. We do this by using a network of cameras powered by computer vision to provide insights into on-site risks and project progress. Project managers, superintendents, owners and other stakeholders are able to access real-time insights enabling them to make proactive decisions and reduce risks while saving time and money.

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