ICT Tracker

Data Connection

With the ICT Tracker integration you can:

Real-time, accurate reports on any metric, phase or status of a project

Leverage existing design models using a 3D model, a tablet, and ICT Tracker

Built for mobility that is easy to use and implement in the field

Integration Summary

ICT Tracker is a mobile app utilizing AR technology to replace manual and inaccurate methods or expensive 3D scanning systems by digitizing the collection of data on-site. Comparing the actual 3D model on a tablet against as-built systems onsite gives contractors real-time data to track, measure, and improve project productivity. The customer now has immediate access to installation and labor data through Field Productivity that was not easily captured through other more manual means.

How it works

The user downloads the 3D model into ICT Tracker app and syncs it to the system being tracked on the job site. The user then sets the status, such as “installed”, “not installed”, “needs re-work”, or any custom status such as cost codes to identify earned value of percent installed. Imagine tracking multiple phases such as mechanical elements; hung, connected, tested, or inspected to calculate the total percent complete. In addition, the user can identify elements that will be grouped or batched to release for fabrication prior to the actual installation. A report is automatically generated with any metric desired such as linear feet, pounds, cubic yards, board feet or by pieces. Data is immediately available to view in spreadsheets or integrate via Procore Field Productivity.

Integration Requirements
  • ICT Tracker account
Required Procore Tools
  • Timesheets
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About Innovative Construction Technology

Innovative Construction Technology (ICT) is a SaaS company that is dedicated to delivering innovative technology to the construction industry. ICT was built based on recognizing the need for productivity innovation tools that construction teams can easily use in the field. The founders merged their years of experience and passion for construction and technology to create and deliver solutions that replace methods that are inefficient or outdated. ICT Tracker is the first of the patent-pending innovations developed by ICT that has launched with great success to companies around the world.

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