HyperCast by Climacell


With the HyperCast embedded experience you can:

Site-specific weather insights for historical, real-time and forecast data

Configurable alerts across weather parameters e.g. lightning, precip, wind speeds at job-site level

Certified meteorologist live chat support

Integration Summary

HyperCast is a hyper-personalized, all-in-one weather dashboard that provides you with all the weather insights you need to make better decisions.

Our dashboard tells you exactly where, when, and, most importantly, how the weather will impact your business. For example, HyperCast can give you a quick insight into potential job site hazards that will delay a project’s timeline.

Get the most accurate weather information, generate invaluable business insights, and drive better actions.

How it works

Once installed, HyperCast can be applied to various projects within your organization’s ProCore environment. After opening the tool from the Project page, the user is directed to the HyperCast Map where they can view their ProCore projects in context with ClimaCell’s proprietary weather models and configure alerts. These models include historical, real-time, and forecast conditions for the parameters relevant to construction to help improve operations and ensure your crew’s safety.

Integration Requirements
  • HyperCast subscription
  • HyperCast credentials
Required Procore Tools
  • None
Helpful Links

ClimaCell Homepage
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Procore Support Article
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About ClimaCell

ClimaCell is revolutionizing weather forecasting by providing the accuracy and reliability that weather-sensitive industries need to succeed in the 21st century.

Unique to the weather industry, ClimaCell fuses a proprietary big data collection and analysis platform with exclusive modeling techniques to create MicroWeather OS - an array of products providing clients with hyper-local weather data and invaluable business insights to create the best weather intelligence engine for businesses.

ClimaCell’s patented MicroWeather technology engine is powered by Weather of Things data - wireless signals, connected cars, airplanes, drones, and IoT devices. This data is combined with proprietary AI-driven models to help industries such as Construction to make better decisions that impact everything from operational efficiency to profitability, safety, and the bottom line.

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