Hoyst - Vertical Transportation & Reservations

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With the Hoyst - Vertical Transportation & Reservations integration you can:

Allows users to schedule and post to a virtual whiteboard

Converts your mobile device into a call station for the personnel hoist

Allows users to increase communication with their team by using internal filed blasts

Integration Summary

Hoyst aims to replace outdated methods, such as utilizing whiteboards to organize deliveries, while turning your phone into a call station for vertical transportation and scheduling.

How it works

Vertical Transportation

-Converts your phone into a call station for the personnel hoist.
-Operators know where you are and where you want to go.
-Passengers can see where the hoist is, and in which direction it is traveling.
-Calculates metrics like average wait time to measure efficiency.


-Allows users to post to a virtual whiteboard.
-Built-In conflict detection to prevent double bookings.
-User-friendly platform that allows you to add unlimited resources.

Integration Requirements
  • Hoyst Account
Required Procore Tools
  • Daily Log
  • Directory
  • Schedules
Helpful Links

Procore Support Article

About Hoyst

Hoyst was founded in 2017 by Founder and President, James Langfitt. With over 20 years of construction experience, James uncovered a void in the outdated and costly processes, primarily vertical transportation and scheduling. Partnering with an app developer who specializes specifically in construction technology, they were able to bring the idea to life. Fast forward to today, where we've had the incredible opportunity of helping some of the industry leaders create a more efficient and effective process, saving them time and more importantly money.

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