HoloLive / MobiLive by VisualLive

Data Connection

With the HoloLive / MobiLive by VisualLive integration you can:

Increase Field Collaboration

View BIM model's meta-data

Receive Revit/Navisworks plugin support

Integration Summary

Both HoloLive and MobiLive use Augmented Reality technology on Microsoft HoloLens and iOS devices respectively to allow you to visualize your BIM/design models with the real world.

While you will be able to see your design interact with reality, you will also have access to measuring, scaling, issue capture (RFI/Observations), and tracking installation progress.

How it works

Load and view BIM models within HoloLive. Walkthrough models and find clashes or issues.

Inside the application, users will open a feature called 'Issue Capture' where they can take a picture of their Augmented Reality model interacting with reality. A Title and Description can be created to give more information to the image. Then users can choose to tag the image as an RFI, Observation or Punchlist and send it to Procore.

Integration Requirements
  • Proper VisualLive Pro Licensing
  • Navisworks Manage or Simulate (and VisualLive Plugin)
  • Revit (and VisualLive Plugin)

Required Procore Tools
  • Observations
  • Punch LIst
  • RFI

Helpful Links

VisualLive Website
Training Videos/Documentation
Procore Support Article

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