Hangar JobSight

Hangar JobSight

With the Hangar JobSight integration you can:

Instant Visual Insite

Zero Logistics Required

Every-Angle Monitoring

Integration Summary

JobSight provides a full digital archive of your project, from beginning through completion. With photographic evidence of everything that happens on site. With our Procore integration you can easily take snapshots from within Procore, and add them to Observations, RFI’s, Punch lists, or anywhere Procore allows you to attach photos.

Arm yourself with physical, photographic evidence, structured across time to save money and avoid claims, rework and disputes.

Integration Requirements
  • Hangar Jobsite Account

Product Lines Required
  • Project Management

Helpful Links

Procore Support Article
Jobsite: On-Demand Drone Visual InSight

About This Company

Hangar is transforming how industries see the world around them. We’ve created the first end-to-end platform that combines drone hardware, software and data analytics to help professionals tap into previously unseen insights that help them work more safely, efficiently and intelligently.

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