Hangar JobSight

Hangar JobSight

With the Hangar JobSight integration you can:

ZERO LOGISTICS REQUIRED - No need to adopt a drone program, we’ll deliver stress-free visual insights as often as you need

EVERY-ANGLE MONITORING - Autonomous AutoPilot™ flight software allows you to receive insights at every angle you need

SCROLL THROUGH TIME - Scroll through an archived history of your project, from first groundbreak to project completion

SHARE, ANNOTATE & MEASURE - JobSight is loaded with features tailor-made to enhance situational awareness and visual intelligence

Integration Summary

Hangar JobSight provides on-demand access to drone-based visual insights within Procore - without any logistics required. Hangar JobSight automates the entire drone data supply chain, from request to scheduled delivery, unlocking previously unseen visual insights and perspectives that help you work more safely, efficiently and intelligently.

Visual observations made within Hangar JobSights are seamlessly entered into your Procore account.

Integration Requirements
  • Hangar Jobsight Account

Required Procore Tools
  • Observations
  • Photos

Helpful Links

Jobsite: On-Demand Drone Visual InSight
Procore Support Article

About Hangar

Hangar is transforming how industries understand the physical world with 4D Visual InSight™. Hangar captures visual data in the X, Y and Z plane, and intelligently integrates the added dimension of time – providing a never before seen view of the physical world, over time, from many perspectives and sensor types.

Hangar combines drone hardware, software, and data analytics into an end-to-end platform that automates the collection, transformation, and viewing of spatial data and visual intelligence.

Hangar gives owners and operators across Industry the previously unseen insights they need to work more safely, efficiently, and intelligently.

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