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With the JobSight integration you can:

LOGISTICS FREE- Don't adopt a drone program, we’ll deliver stress-free insights on your schedule

EVERY-ANGLE MONITORING - JobSight provides visual data at every angle on your project site

SCROLL THROUGH TIME - An archived history of your project from first ground break to completion

BUILT FOR COLLABORATION - Use Snapshots to better communicate with imagery through Procore

Integration Summary

JobSight provides on-demand access to drone-based visual insights within Procore - without any logistics required. JobSight automates the entire drone data supply chain, from request to scheduled delivery, unlocking previously unseen visual insights and perspectives that help you work more safely, efficiently and intelligently.

Visual observations made within JobSight are seamlessly entered into your Procore account.

How it works

Simply request and receive. AirMap is the go-to turnkey solution for drone data. Construction organizations can request captures on a single site, or across their portfolio. The data will be captured on your pre-defined schedule, and delivered back to you, directly within Procore.

Integration Requirements
  • JobSight Account
Required Procore Tools
  • Observations
  • Photos
Helpful Links

Live JobSight Demo Experience
Procore Support Article

About AirMap

AirMap is the leading airspace and dataflow automation company serving the drone economy. AirMap connects airspace authorities, enterprise operators, and industry developers with digital solutions for scaling safe and efficient drone operations in low-altitude airspace. In 2019, AirMap acquired Hangar Technology, an enterprise drone dataflow platform, to further accelerate enterprise drone adoption through digital automation. Learn more at

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