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Hangar JobSight

Hangar JobSight

With the Hangar JobSight integration you can:

Zero Logistics - Hangar manages all aspects of data capture and delivery so you don’t have to. Data automatically syncs to a single easy-to-use interface inside of Procore.

Scroll Through Time - Scroll through all the aerial data captured by Hangar over-time for a visual archive of your site to enable change detection, reduce claim, and improve communication.

Share, Annotate and Measure - Use JobSight’s tools to measure distances, calculate area, and even analyze stockpile volumes. Easily annotate and share with your team. Access a variety of data types for your site including 2D orthomosaics, elevation, NDVI, 3D model, mesh, point-cloud files and more.

Integration Summary

Hangar Jobsight manages the capture and collection of interactive aerial 360 photos and high resolution orthomosaics of your sites. This data, inside of the JobSight interface, brings actionable insights to construction projects easier than any other method of aerial information gathering on the market. Easily scroll through time from a top-down or facade view of your projects, export data, calculate distances and more from our web application or directly inside Procore. It automatically syncs those images into Procore to help you track progress, identify problems, make plans, and share the data with team members for intelligent decision making.

About This Company

Hangar, the world’s first robotics-as-a-service data acquisition platform, helps firms dramatically increase efficiency, showcase content and integrate more actionable insights into their workflows. Hundreds of Hangar clients manage portfolios, track projects, and showcase property locations with our premium aerial data software products, all without having to handle any of the logistics of owning, acquiring, flying or editing the data from drones.

Turn every project into a success story with a suite of products that can help you manage your construction projects more efficiently, save money, meet timelines, and showcase progress to key stakeholders. Hangar’s JobSight software can provide you with accurate progress updates that can be shared among contractors, team members and stakeholders to make more informed decisions, validate contractor payment requests and settle disputes or litigation. It all comes down to saving time, saving money, and being better informed.

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