With the GoFormz Integration you can:

Create pre-populated mobile forms from your Procore Records/Job Types

Capture custom field data both online & offline

Automatically update any Procore record with captured mobile form data, including PDF attachment

Integration Summary

The GoFormz/Procore integration allows Procore admins to dispatch & generate the creation of mobile forms with pre-populated fields based on any Procore Job Type/Record. End-users can complete the mobile forms both online and offline. Once the mobile form is completed the Procore Record will be automatically created and/or updated. PDF of the completed form will be attached to the Procore record.

Integration Requirements
  • Premier subscription required
Required Procore Tools
  • Daily Log*
  • Incidents*
  • observations*
  • *not required but integration interacts with the tool
Helpful Links

Procore Support Article

About GoFormz

GoFormz empowers businesses to capture data electronically using digital forms that look exactly like their existing paper forms but are filled out on phones or tablets. The back office can instantly access forms completed by teams in the field, dramatically improving processing times and accuracy. Capture new data types, like Images, Sketches, Maps and Signatures, and easily auto-fill fields using Barcode scanning and dropdown menus. Modernize your workflows with new automations, like routing completed forms to teammates and customers. Forms are saved to the Cloud, simplifying record-keeping. Leverage pre-built integrations to route collected data and forms to business applications like Procore, Box, and more. GoFormz is helping over 30,000 users across 150+ countries eliminate paper forms, unlock business data and improve how they work.

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