With the integration you can:

Build and cascade strategic goals to all levels in your organization

Trigger Goal Conversations to keep your teams aligned and on track

Integrate into collaboration and project tools that you use regularly

Integration Summary

Goal Conversation Software for AEC Companies that help your organization improve alignment from business owners down to project executives. This helps you:

    1. Transform your culture of planning.
    2. Drive innovation across all levels.
    3. Improve execution with better cross-functional support and risk management.
    4. Avoid costly communication gaps and rework.
How it works

Build your strategic goals in GoalCheck.In, tag people to help and advise you, then cascade these goals through your organization. Link these goals to tasks and metrics in Procore. Have your entire team guided through automated prompts that help you collaborate effectively and nail your goals.

Integration Requirements
  • GoalCheck.In Account
Required Procore Tools
  • None
Helpful Links

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