Giatec SmartRock™

Instant and accurate data on the temperature and strength of concrete pours.

With the Giatec integration you can:

Monitor the strength and temperature of concrete pours instantly

Make critical decisions in real-time, possibly saving days or weeks off project schedules

Share test results and reports with all stakeholders

Leverage predictive data analytics on concrete strength and temperature gradients

Automatically document all the concrete temperature and strength reports in the Procore dashboard

Integration Summary

The SmartRock™ app for Procore’s platform, allows users of SmartRock™ wire-free concrete sensors to monitor their concrete projects in real-time.

The continuous monitoring of concrete temperature can be used as a QC/QA method as well as maturity-based strength estimation of concrete. The field monitoring of concrete temperature can also help with optimizing the formwork removal time, application of load on the structure, and adjusting the curing temperature of concrete onsite.

The SmartRock™ sensor data is linked through the Giatec 360 web dashboard to the Procore database of your company for automatic documentation of all the relevant concrete test results and reports including full PDF reports on the concrete QC that are ready for submission to your client.

What is SmartRock™ sensor

SmartRock™ is the most trusted wire-free concrete sensor on earth, used by Project Managers, Engineers, and Field Operations in over 3000 projects across 80 countries. The sensors are easily attached on to rebar before pouring, monitoring in-situ temperature and concrete strength instantly. Unlike time-consuming and error-prone cylinder break tests or cumbersome wired sensors, SmartRock™ is simple to install and gives teams the most accurate information to make critical decisions in real-time, saving days and possibly weeks off project timelines.

Integration Requirements
  • Giatec 360 Subscription

Required Procore Tools
  • Daily Log

Helpful Links

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About Giatec

Giatec is revolutionizing the construction industry by bringing smart concrete testing technologies and real-time data collection to the forefront of every jobsite. Giatec has a full range of hardware, software which analyze data during design, production, delivery, placement, and service. Giatec also creates non-destructive testing products, for measuring and monitoring the life cycle of concrete structures. Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, Giatec was recognized in 2018 as one of the country's fastest-growing companies.

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